#openspace provides the surroundings for externally organised and top-level events on various specialist topics such as blockchain, user experience design, artificial intelligence, music tech, VR and many more.

By way of these events, we offer our SMEs, startups and partners access to an even broader spectrum of topics, and an even bigger ecosystem.

  Mo, 6. March 2017

  Topic: Berlin Machine Learning Group



Apart from Meet-ups, there are also other events which are directly organised and held by #openspace with a clear focus on our mission: to promote digitisation know-how as well as exchange between SMEs, startups and partners.

  Tu, 28. March 2017

  Topic: Digitalisierung im Mittelstand
YBCCG @ #openspace

  on request

  #openspace on tour

  Tu, 4. April 2017

  Topic: Digitalisierung #konkret Praxiskonferenz und Erfahrungs­workshops für Mittelstand & Industrie

  on request


At each of our events and meetups, we create pictures and sometimes even short videos, which we would not want to keep from you.

  Tu, 10. January 2017

  Topic: Video Grand Opening

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  Tu, 7. March 2017

  Topic: Startup Connect Berlin

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